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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

today is a new day on learning 2.0

Friday, October 27, 2006

#23 the light at the end of the tunnel

Oh boy what a journey. It was difficult but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned so much. My favorite you have time? Flickr, LibraryThing, tagging,wikis, podcast just to name a few. It was wonderful....did I say I learned so much. Thanks PLCMC for giving your staff the tools needed to stay abreast of this new wave of technology. If you offered this again I would be a willing participant. It was great!!! Now can i have my MP3 player...I have books I want to download!!!

Tagging, folksomonies & social bookmarking

I put this exercise off until now because I did not fully understand the concept. So I saved it for last. In so doing I forced myself to buckle down and do some reading and experiementing. I really like this. I did open an account with I have not bookmarked any webpages but I will when I return to work on Monday. I visited the PLCMC2/ account. I found one bookmark that had been saved by over 3400 people. Of course I liked the site as well. Hopeful on Monday I will be able to bookmark it. I did not see any comments or tags. I look at quite a few of the bookmarks but I did not see comments or tags. But one day soon I am sure I will. I must admit this is a great tool for reference assistance. I would include, irs, free annual credit reports, just to name a few. So you have it...I like, I like.


Okay, I opened an account with NetLibrary. I am sure I have had one before. But who can remember the username and password. I did locate two titles to listen to once I receive (I hope) my Mp3 player.


I really learned a great deal from this exercise. I was able to subscribe to a library related podcast. While learning about podcast I was able to listen to some library related podcast. I was slightly disappointed that I was not able to subscrible to the podcast that i was listening too. Podcasting is a great tool and can be used to promote library programs, services, collections, etc. (ohhh and training)!!!

You Tube

Okay, I finally ventured on to the Youtube website. I had never viewed the site. I knew that it was popular when I heard it was purchased by Google for billions of dollars. I only viewed three videos. I think this sight is mostly for entertainment. Of the three vidoes that I viewed the one I selected to include in my blog was the Video the Vote 2006. I think is was well worth watching. I think the YouTube site is a great way to inform people of the issues at hand. The video format allow for a quick way to release information. In a library setting we could use videos to promote library programs and services, discuss books, announce new service, etc. The possibilities a limitless.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sites from Web 2.0

Because of time I looked at the short list. I looked at some categories, e.g., news, music, retail of course, videos, and finally personal organizers. I opened an account with HipCal. I entered some items onto my calender. I think I will like it. My paper copy calender is in shambles. But it is very since I am on the computer all of the time this may work for me. Yes this application can be and already is useful in a library setting....Outlook. Let me see how well I can manage my affairs with this HipCal account.


Oh, I was able to successful add my blog to the favorite blog page. That was really easy. I can't believe it was that simple. I may have to try some other things!!!

Web-based applications

Hi this is neat. I like this. I did not have time to look at all the products but I will come back and look at each one as time permits. If I have time below Tuesday (10/31/06) I will try the challenge exercise. See ya!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I like the concept of wiki. I did not know a great deal about it (until now). I remember printing an article for a student from wikipedia. I feel badly about that because of the way the website is open to input from anyone. So it will not be a site I would use with students per se but I like the concept for other application. I envision using wiki as a book discussion. I read a great book written by a local author. The setting of the story includes the West Boulevard corridor (a library parking lot is actually a seeting for one of the scenes). A lot of people from the area are familiar with the author. But they all have different opinions about where he lived, etc. I would love to open a wiki account for a book discussion, opinion, feedback about this book.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Library 2.0

I enjoyed and can relate mostly to the article entitled Away from the icebergs. The just in case collection that is often our thinking when we evaluate our collection. Should we get rid of an old copy or the only copy of .... What if someone comes in next week and ask for it. Which is more important..allowing the book to take up valuable space while decreasing our circulation stats on making sure we are ready to give it to that patron whenever he decides to show up and ask for it.

What does Library 2.0 mean to me? Well...


I don't know if this blogging is for me. The blogs that I visited appear to be rather personal in nature. I don't know if I will be utilizing it much. During my keyword search of Techhnorati I noticed the search result are different if searching in Blog directory, Blog post or tags. That was good to know. I promise to keep visiting Technorati's website. Maybe the blog frenzy will catch me. On the Technorati tutorial the narrator stated she visits the site at least 7 times a day. must be something to it.

Monday, October 23, 2006


The concept sounds good but I'm not really gettin the hang of this. Let me sleep on it. Maybe tomorrow I will have a better understanding of the concept.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I just started recording all the books I read for the year. Just to see how many and for memory sakes (I'm getting older by the minute). This is a great website. I like the list of books generated based on the ones in my library. i like this!!!

Image generators

This image generator thing is fun. I could play with them for hours at a time...but of course I don't have the time. I have work to do. I like the website. I also like the flickr captions options. I uploaded a picture with a caption on my flickr website. Really neat!!!!

Finding feeds

When I first started the exercise I went to different website to look for news feeds. I was able to find only a few. I later discovered that it much easier to find the news feeds using the news feeds search tools. It was easy using to search for world news. The local new feature is neat. was really easy to use. I was able to subscribe to some blogs that are of interest to me. I did not really like feedster...maybe later.