Orange Moon

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tagging, folksomonies & social bookmarking

I put this exercise off until now because I did not fully understand the concept. So I saved it for last. In so doing I forced myself to buckle down and do some reading and experiementing. I really like this. I did open an account with I have not bookmarked any webpages but I will when I return to work on Monday. I visited the PLCMC2/ account. I found one bookmark that had been saved by over 3400 people. Of course I liked the site as well. Hopeful on Monday I will be able to bookmark it. I did not see any comments or tags. I look at quite a few of the bookmarks but I did not see comments or tags. But one day soon I am sure I will. I must admit this is a great tool for reference assistance. I would include, irs, free annual credit reports, just to name a few. So you have it...I like, I like.


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